Three Ways Your Roof can Have Moisture Problems Without Leaks

Most people know that leaks in your roof can cause damage to the rest of your house. This is why it’s important to make sure that your roof is in good condition. Even without leaks though, your roof can still let moisture in that can damage the rest of the room.


Though leaks are the most obvious way that moisture gets into the house, there are other ways that moisture can get into the house. When checking the status of your roof, you should also make sure that there is no other way that moisture can get into your home. Roofing companies in Marietta can help you determine how moisture-resistant your roof is.

Water Collecting on the Roof Deck

Moisture doesn’t have to come from the outside to cause damage to the roof. Moisture from inside the house can collect on the roof deck. This moisture comes from the warm air inside the house since warm air holds moisture better. This warm air rises and when it hits the roof, it condenses on the roof deck.


The condensation sits on the roof deck and can cause problems. This mostly occurs when the roof deck’s surface is cooler than the air inside the attic. This is normally a bigger problem in the winter though at night when temperatures are cooler this can also happen.

Ventilation System

A good ventilation system can prevent moisture from building up under the roof. A proper ventilation system will have vents that allow air to exit under the roof gables or ridges. This pushes the rising air of the roof and prevents the moisture from sitting on the roof deck.


These vents, called soffit vents, can have problems for several reasons. They can be poorly constructed or be blocked for many reasons. The insulation of the vent could be blocked or storage in the attic could be causing blockages as well. When checking the status of your roof, it is important to make sure that nothing is in your attic that could be causing blockage problems.

Internal sources of Moisture

There are other ways that moisture can build up internally and cause problems for your roof. One of the main causes of moisture, when your roof doesn’t leak, is living in a humid place. If you live in a humid place without proper ventilation for the hot air to get out, the hot air will lead to moisture problems.


Even in non-humid places, moisture can still build up in your house. Poorly vented bathrooms and kitchens can cause moisture problems. These are the rooms that have the hottest air that can rise and cause roof problems.


When these moisture problems happen, it can damage your roof and lead to bigger problems for the rest of your house. To have your roof checked for any damage, internally or externally caused, roofing contractors in Marietta can help you. We are happy to make sure your roof can withstand moisture.



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